The Action Alliance


ATA’s Action Alliance is a grassroots network of dedicated volunteers – people like you. We work to educate and influence Congress and other elected leaders who make funding decisions that directly affect tinnitus research. In other words, ATA advocates for effective public policies that will support our mission to cure tinnitus. Our top advocacy priority is to fight, through Congress, for more funding from the:

  • U.S. Department of Defense
  • Department of Veterans Affairs
  • National Institutes of Health

A veteran and Action Alliance member speaks

Jean-Claude Wicks, former U.S. Air Force Staff Sergeant, discusses developing tinnitus and how the incidence of tinnitus is disproportionate in military and veteran populations. He is a member of ATA's Action Alliance.

Take Action NOW

Here are some of the latest ways you can help expedite a tinnitus cure by participating in public forums, contacting your Senators and Representatives or by helping to raise awareness about tinnitus in your local communities. If you are not signed up for our Action Alliance, please also take a minute to do so by filling out this online form. This is the best way to be certain you never miss an opportunity to Take Action toward a tinnitus cure.

Advocacy volunteers are shaking it up

ATA’s top advocacy priority is to fight for more federal funding for tinnitus research. And with help from our 2,500 volunteers, our cause is gaining momentum.

These committed advocates speak out to their Senators and Representatives to promote ATA's legislative priorities. And they work year-round in their own communities to raise awareness about tinnitus. ATA volunteers are passionate about curing this frustrating, often debilitating condition.

If you want to help ATA make a difference you can write your Senators and Representatives too! These facts on how tinnitus impacts military personnel includes strong points as to why this country needs more tinnitus research – NOW! They can help advocates like you be on-point when communicating with your elected officials.